I have my router set to OPEN DNS as well as some other

mass murder in our backyard

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Cheap Finger Monkey This computer is my oldest son’s computer and is used for nothing but gaming, mainly Half Life, and “Roblox”. I have my router set to OPEN DNS as well as some other restrictions. I keep a pretty tight leash on these next 2 computers simply because the only people using them are my 2 sons. Cheap Finger Monkey

But here’s the thing: New Orleans is not just the setting of this season, it’s a character. And I have to treat how it is depicted with as much criticism as I would any other part of the series. What I am saying is, it’s going to get pedantic up in here.

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The introductions are a nerve wracking time for Andrea who must be on standby in case she has to intervene because injuries during matings are commonplace from bite wounds to broken tails. But things go well. Shown some really good positive signs some lip smacking which is a happy greeting, says Andrea, and the females are enthusiastic too: shown some good signs of presenting their bottoms which, in the monkey world, is a nice thing to do, believe it or not..

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